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Are you a passionate music lover? We welcome you to the ‘one stop destination’ for all music lovers. NeMp3 is among the gigantic music websites known internationally. No registration required! You will find all kinds of music on NeMp3. Additionally, this free music store also provides genres like Hindi, Indonesian and Brazilian music. The creators of the site diligently keep updating new tracks regularly.

Apart from playing, you can download the songs free of charge. The Billboard section features 200 most popular songs. The eye-popping attributes like Popular Artists and Top Charts will certainly keep you captivated. The site not only offers mp3(audio) but you can also enjoy your favorite music videos. Since good music does not have an expiration date, the site harbors a huge collection from yesteryear of 50’s, to the brand new music/artists.

“The good thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Bob Marley.

Music gives wings to the soul and we are dedicated to equip your soul with the wings absolutely free. Music is contagious and the best part is that it never results in an overdose. So, let the frenzy soothe your mind and soul.


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