1. About Us

About Us

We welcome you to NeMp3, the "one-stop destination" for music lovers!

NeMp3 embarks the largest compilation of songs and music videos that any other music site may not house. The collection includes songs from all genres and from different parts of the globe like English, Hindi, Indonesian, Russian, Brazilian and many more. You do not have to worry about the quality since every single song undergoes a testing level before it uploaded for you. We are pledged to accord you the best available quality in the market free of charge.

Since this is a site dedicated to music admirers of all ages, so you will find songs from antiquity days, i.e. from the 50s to the sizzling favorites of present-day. We all have different preferences; some of us like to listen to the song online, some like to download, while some relish the video. We respect your choice; therefore we have embedded all the features on Mediacreeks. The eminent part of the website is that you can play and download inexhaustible music absolutely free. You do even need to register or enter your email. Simply plug-in and play!

We are passionate about music and wanted to form a band. We practiced music day and night with a dream to rock and nation and then the world. When we were all-set to take off, unfortunately two members of our group, though unwillingly had to split for valid reasons. So, we, the remaining members decided to still stay connected with the world of music by launching a site devoted to music fans. It took us extensive time to research and execute the step-by-step layout. Every day, we are enthusiastic to update the song collection, so that we can add to your taste of music. This site is on the way to become an ultimate destination for the ones who possess an ear for music. With our diligent and consistent effort we hope that NeMp3 becomes the biggest music site and everyone’s favorite in near times to come.

Music Rocks!

We thank you for choosing NeMp3!

Enjoy good music!