1. Top 50 Brasileira

Top 50 Brasileira

This vast South American country is tagged as the largest in both South America and Latin America. It is also the fifth largest country in terms of both area and population. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Rio de Janeiro, the host of the recent Olympic Games is known for the Redeemer 38m Christ statue. The Brazilian Carnival is world famous and people from across the planet gear-up to be a part of the live jubilation.

The Brazilian music demarcates diversified native music grooves which are inspired by Amerindian, European and African forms. During the 500 years of rich heritage, the Brazilian music unleashed some authentic genres like samba, MPB, maracatu, bossa nova, tropicallia, bossa nova, musica Nativista, choro, pagoda, maracatu, funk carioca, embolada (coco de repente), modinha, brega and frevo. However, the foreign inspired music styles are Valsa, rock, gospel, soul, Fado, Hip-hop, Classical music, Disco music, rap, Ambient/Industrial/Psycadehlic and Country music.

Samba is something that anyone worldwide might be unheard of. Samba forms an integral part of the Brazilian Carnival. The origin of Samba dates back to the 17th century but it gained recognition in the late 1920s. There have been great names attached to Samba like Cartola, Geraldo Pereira, Ismael Silva, Nelson Cavaquinho, Ary Barroso, Wilson Batista, Noel Rosa, Candeia, Ataulfo Batista, Elton Medeiros, Ciro Monteiro, Martinho da Vila, Paulinho da Viola and many more. The instruments that orchestrate the Samba music are Surdos, Samba shakers, Flutes, Snare drums, Pandeiro, Timbal, Cuica and Samba whistle. When all the instruments harmonize together, it is very hard for someone to control the feet from tapping. The country celebrates the Samba National Day on 2nd December. Samba prevails in every province of the country.

The music of Brazil owes its impeccable heritance to the great artists like the Edison Machado (the drummer), Angenor de Oliveira (the Samba composer), Geraldo Peereira (the pioneer of Brazilian music in 40’s), JosE Bispo (the Samba specialist), Moacir Santos (the extravagant composer), Carlos Moreira de Castro Carlos CachaAa (the outstanding poet and composer) and many more.

The Rock music finally rocked the county in 1956. The first electric guitar without microphone was invented in Brazil, followed by the jazzy electric guitar with 2 arms. Miguel Gustavo inked the first original rock ‘n’ roll song in 1957, which later rocked America big-time. Some of the current rock bands are The Moondogs, Kita, Wannabe Jalva, Sepultura, Viper, Angra, Krisiun, Garage Fuzz, Angra, Cambriana, Move Over, Skank, O Rappa, Pato Fu, Pitty, Titas, 14 Bis, Novos Baianos, Capital Inicial, Far From Alaska, Move Over, Charlie Brown Jr and so on.

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