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Indonesia is the crowned as the largest island country on this planet. Amazingly, it consists of thousands of volcanic islands, that are a home to about 258 million people. The Indonesian music exhibits its cultural medley. There are nearly thousands of islands with diverse native forms of folk music which include Tembang sundae, Jaipongan, Gambus, Qasidan modern, Kroncong, Dangdut and Campursari.

The conventional musical instruments bestow a different dimension to the ceremonial processions. Traditional instruments of Indonesia are sasando, kulintang, talempong, bumbung, gong kebyar, degung, gamelan, gong, siteran, kacapi suling and angklung. Interestingly, most of the instruments are improvised from a natural source i.e. Bamboo. When the rhythm pitches from a nature derived instrument, it surely charges every cell of your body. You will find all such cell rejuvenating music on this site.

The local Indonesian folk pop music is an amalgamation of native style and western influence. The pop culture is quite pronounced in Indonesia. Some of major pop forms are, Pop Batak, Pop Minang, Pop Melayu, Pop Minahasa, Pop Sunda, Pop Ambon and others.

The Indonesian contemporary music is distinctive and dynamic. The Indonesian musicians have not just limited their creations to native music. Quite often, they have been influenced by foreign music. The foreign rhythm harmonized with the local music produces a melody that touches the chords of your heart. The diverse music is not just limited to Indonesia; it is also relished by countries in the vicinity such as Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Kroncong music was introduced by Portuguese in the antiquity. Until the initial years of the last century the Kroncong was deemed as a low-class urban music. Towards the 1930s, the Kroncong music found its place the films and started gaining adoration. Bengawan Solo is the most fashionable song of Kroncong style. It was written by a Solonese maestro, Gesang Martohartono. Interestingly, the song gained more popularity among the Japanese soldiers. After the World War 2, when the soldiers returned to Japan, a Japanese singer re-recorded the song which became a record-breaking song in Japan.

Gamelan, which is the traditional music of Java and Bali attracts traditional music lovers from across the world. The gamelan orchestra includes drums, xylophones, metallophones, gongs and some varieties may feature flute. However, the large gong is said to be the soul of gamelan. The frenzy of so many instruments playing together will take you to a different world.

Dangdut is another famous form of traditional music. It is said to have originated from Indian, Arab, and Malay music. It includes the music of melody and harmony with the main Tabla which has the percussion beat especially in the classical dangdut versions. It is inspired by the Indian film music, British and American rock.

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