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Russia (commonly known as the Soviet Union) contends as the world’s largest nation. Russia also banks the Europe’s largest river, the Volga. The country also treasures the world’s largest energy and mineral resources enabling it as one of the paramount producers of natural gas and oil in the world. The geographical attribute of Russia also holds the world’s deepest lake, Baikal. The country is a home for more than 120 traditional groups with varied languages and culture and of course distinct music forms.

The dawn of Russian music was marked by the folk music of the Slavic tribes towards the middle of first millennium AC. The Slavic tribes were well known for their proficiency in music. Towards the 6th century the name of Slavic tribes changed to the Northern Venedi. The vocal music was more prominent as compared to instrumental music. Gusli, doudka, zhaleika and kuvikly were some of the preferred instruments.

The late 18th century witnessed the publishing of folk songs. Mikhail Glinka was the first one to novice a refined dimension to folk music. He pioneered the song ‘Kamarinskaya fantasy’ towards the mid of 19th century. This composition was based on two Russian songs, which depicted a classical form of western music but the essence was folk Russian. This marked the beginning of folk creation harmonized with western culture. Nadezhda Plevitskaya is known as the founder of the performing category of Russian folk song. When she performed, the audience used to applause with a standing ovation. She sang about 800 folk songs which were imitated all over.

Towards the end of 1900s, it was Dmitry Pokrovsky who transformed the music to a new level. He polished the old music vocabulary to the one that is in sync with the present time. The Pokrovsky Ensemble after a thorough research comprehended more than 2000 songs in collaboration with filmmakers, directors and contemporary composers.

Today many Russian singers are determined to conquer the hearts of the people by their soulful melodies. Some of the present time artists are Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Anna Semenovich, Timati, Sergey Lazarev, Vlad Topalov, Alla Pugacheva, Regina Spektor, Vladimir Vysotsky, Julia Volkova, Denis Maydanov, Lena Katina, Viktor Tsoi, Anna Netrebko, Yevgeny Nesterenko, Iosif Kobzon, Galina Vishnevskaya, Elena Obraztsova and many more.

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